Pink Dildos

There are a lot of pink dildos and vibrators out there, but we have narrowed it down for you and are going to share with you the best 7 of them.

Swan Wand Dildo/Vibrator

Swan Massage Wand Rechargeable

The fact that you are looking for a pink sex toy is great news because the Swan Wand is available only in pink, and this is one of my absolute favorite toys. For vibrators, this is my goto and it has been to 5 different countries with me.

This toy is amazing. The two ends each have their own vibrating motor and can be operated independently. I use the smaller 4.7 inch circumference end for penetration since it is close to the average size of a man and the larger 6.2 inch circumference is perfect for surface clitoral stimulation.

Neo Elite Pink Dildo

The Neo Elite is a more realistic shaped pink dildo. It is a dual-density dong which gives a firm shape with a softer outer shell. This helps it to have a more realistic feel. Yeah its pink, but beyond that, this is a pretty realistic shaped dildo with veins, head, and balls.