Orange Sex Toys: Dildos, Plugs and More

There are not a lot of orange dildos in the world, but here you are looking for them. So we have located the best orange dildos, plugs, and vibrators.

Orange Neo Elite Dildo

7.5-inch orange cock with balls dildo suction cup
Neo Elite Orange Dildo

If you want a realistic dildo in orange, this may be a great option for you. I mean, it is orange, so is it really realistic? Hmmm… Not sure. But this dildo does bill itself as realistic and it is the shape of a penis complete with head, balls, and veins. And the orange, it is really intense. Like hunter neon orange.

This toy is also a dual-density toy which means the inner is very firm to hold a good shape and the outer layer is softer so that it feels more natural and does not hurt anyone using it.

The suction cup base makes this dildo good for use with strap on harnesses, mirror shows and solo play.

Neo Dual Density

Orange Neo Dual Density Dildo
Neon Orange Dildo

If you want to save a buck, Neo also has a “non-elite” dildo. This dildo still comes in awesome colors but it is made from body-safe PVC rather than 100% silicone. Personally I prefer to just go with silicone, but some people want to get a little more toy for their buck and so they opt for a good toy and sacrifice some quality of the material. Either way you go, the orange is awesome and the dual-density

makes for a good dildo