Complete Spanking Bench Guide

As long as there has been humans, there has been kinky people. And for much of that time, the spanking bench has been apart of it. This does not fall under the “kid's these days” category. This is a true classic.

Thankfully, however, the kink has not changed, but as lest over the centuries, the furniture has been upgraded. Modern spanking benches should be stylish, comfortable and easily store away discreetly.

Of course nobody needs a spanking bench at all. It is possible to just bend someone over the edge of the couch and whack them on the ass. But a bench provides things such as better positioning, easy systems for restraint and an overall kinky feel. (In contrast to the couch you will be reading stories to your kids tomorrow on)

Types of Spanking Benches

There are no official classifications for spanking benches, but I break them down into a couple of types. First is the type that you straddle such as in this photo.

The submissive is straddling a narrow part of the spanking bench/horse and laying face down.

The other style of spanking bench is much wider and it is something that the submissive bends at the hips and lays over such as this photo.