Sex Stools: Guide and Reviews

There is a hot fantasy position that you have in your head. That one that is so erotic that you just need to pull it out and give it a try only to realize that it doesn't come off so smoothly. You are an awkward fumbling mess, or maybe it kills your neck or maybe you are just not strong enough to pull it off. So you just never get it.

Well, this is what sex furniture and position aids are for. They make the things possible that sound hot but you normally could not pull off on your own.

One such popular piece of equipment is the sex stool. Let's talk about who can benefit from a stool and which are the best.

What Can You Do With A Sex Stool?

Most sex stools were designed to accomplish 2 common and popular positions: Facesitting and squatting sex.


Facesitting is a very popular position. I think it would surprise people exactly how popular it is. The term facesitting and closely related terms are search hundreds of thousands of times a month on Google. But more than that, I think there are a lot of people who enjoy facesitting and do not even know it has a name.

Facesitting is basically an oral sex position where the woman is receiving from a man laying on his back while she straddles his face. Facesitting can also be used as a power play to show a woman's dominance over a man. Whatever your desires, facesitting is popular.

A sex stool is not really required for facesitting, but it can be a handy addition to the fun. The stool can is a low seat that someone can lay under. The person receiving oral sex can sit on the stool leaving themselves exposed to oral stimulation.

Using a stool can provide a lot more comfort by making breathing easier and providing a little most space for hands to explore and participate in the fun.

A typical sex stool is designed to be used for both facesitting and squatting, so the seat is made using stretchy straps. In my experience, this takes away a little from the comfort and function. For this, I would normally opt for a dedicated piece of equipment such as a queening chair over the sex stool.


Woman squatting is a hot sex position for men

Squatting is a hugely popular fantasy that is encouraged by its common appearance in porn. I know my husband loves it, but my thighs do not. This is when a woman, usually wearing heels, stands over her husband and then lowers herself down and squats up and down. This is different than cowgirl position because the girl is not on her knees, but her feet. It is much more difficult, if not impossible for some people. But if it is done right, the visuals are amazing. This drives men crazy.

From a man's point of view, there is little better than squatting sex. For a woman, it is a nightmare. So this is where the sex stool comes in. The stool has stretchy straps that you sit on. Your man can lay on the floor and you position the stool over him. Then you sit on the straps and it helps you to go up and down without so much strain and strength required.

Unfortunately for me, like the face sitting, I prefer a different piece of equipment than the stool. For squatting I prefer to use a squatting attachment on the sex swing. To me it is a little more comfortable, it has less between me and my partner and I can also add other things such as handles up above my head.

Who Should Buy a Sex Stool?

As I mentioned above, I do not personally prefer a sex stool for facesitting or squatting. In my case, I have both a queening chair and a sex swing with squatting attachments. For me, these other tools do much better.

But if you do not have these tools in your toolbox, a sex stool could be a great option for you. A sex stool will get you facesitting and squatting for around $100 whereas the queening chair, sex swing and attachments will set you back more like $400.

Sex Stool Reviews

If you opt to go with a sex stool, there are 2 popular options on the market. The Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool and the LoveBotz Extreme Sex Stool.

The design and construction of these stools are very similar, however, the LoveBotz has an attachment to go under the stool that will hold a dildo. The dildo is not included, so you can use your favorite. But this stool will run you about $50 more than the Fetish.

So I asked my husband. Is it work $50 more to buy the LoveBotz. His answer was an overwhelming yes! Apparently I underestimated how hot it is for a man to watch a woman riding a dildo. He set me straight. So the most expensive option is the one I now recommend.