Queening Chair: Facesitting and Oral Sex

A few years back, my husband and I were just sitting around watching the Bachelorette or something and he randomly says to me “I think we need to get into queening chairs.”

My immediate reaction was “what the fuck is wrong with you?” Not that I have a strong opinion of queening chairs or facesitting, but it was more my natural reaction to most of the stupid shit he says. So I give it a minute to let it register in my mind.

dominate woman with a whip

I picture female domination, holding him down and forcing him to eat my pussy while decked out in a latex bodysuit. Spanking him with a whip and humiliating him with a cock cage.

No. That is not me. I am more submissive than dominate. So what could I possibly do with facesitting stool?

Well as it turns out, a queening stool typically draws up an image of BSDM for most people but, the real power of it is in having ordinary oral sex mindblowing oral sex.

Who needs a queening chair?

Well, there are two people that need these. First, are the dominant women in a relationship. If you already know you need one you can skip on down to my buyer's guide. Secondly, are the women that love being eaten out and the men that like to please them. I find myself somewhere closer to the second group, so my process of becoming a fan of these stools was a little slower.

woman receiving oral sex

Confession: I am not a huge fan of receiving oral sex. Giving blowjobs is a whole different story. I am the one that would give just about anyone a blow job at any time. Blowjobs in the back of the car cruising down the highway, sucking cock while riding my favorite dildo, glory holes, etc. When it comes to giving oral sex, I would consider any opportunity presented to me. For receiving, I am a little more hesitant. Shocking, I know.

So when my husband first mentioned the idea of a queening stool and him already knowing my opinion of receiving oral, I was a little taken back. But I try to be open-minded and decided to give it a little thought.

Like any good sex toy blogger, I headed immediately to YouPorn. I needed to see what this facesitting is all about. What I found was exactly what I expected. Lots of videos on female domination. Not my thing. So then I searched instead for more generic terms like “oral sex” or “eating pussy”. This was more me, well kinda, I guess. At least it was not all Femdom in latex body suits.

So watching and analyzing, what I notice is a lot of very awkward positions. I think we have an epidemic in our country with all the badass sexperts talking about their latest conquests and what they can do and nobody is talking about those awkward weird things that just do not work.

Example: You see something in a video where a girl is getting double penetrated by two porn stars and it looks all smooth and great. Then you find an amateur home video of the same scenario and it looks like a bunch of monkeys fucking a football. If you actually tried it, you would be a clumsy fool lucky to actually get anything in the holes.

So watching all these oral sex videos and then trying to do this you realize this is weird. Where do you put your arms? How do you breathe? Can you really bend your neck that way for more than 2 minutes without it killing you? Dear God, who is calling 911, that guy is going to suffocate! Is she really sitting on his head? BREATHE BUDDY- BREATHE!

Well, the answer to these questions is… you really can't accomplish facesitting without killing your legs or basically suffocating the giver. But think about it, is a man going to lay in bed between a woman's legs to give her oral and say, I can't do this, my neck hurts. No. They will suck it up. Is a woman really going to be laying between a man's legs and protest because they have no place to put your arms? Probably not. But should we be sucking it up? Taking the neck pain, possible suffocation, chiropractor the next day?

So there is this conflict between what people want to do and what they see in porn movies vs what is really practical and enjoyable. This is where sex furniture comes in to help you out. And in the case of a woman receiving oral, a queening chair is like a gift from god.

Oral sex from the man's perspective

There are lots of ways to give oral sex, but all of it boils down to variations of basically 3 positions. Laying between a woman's legs, facesitting and 69.

From a practical standpoint of just where do you put your arms and legs, 69 is by far the easiest of these 3 positions. There are relatively little restrictions on the movement of your arms and where you can touch and feel depending on where your arms are, but it is a doable position. The drawback of this position is that the vast majority of women prefer to receive and give oral separately. They can not focus on giving a good blowjob when they are being pleasured. And if a man is going to give his focus and attention to her girl love hole, then, by all means, let her enjoy it totally.

Laying between a woman's legs is the most popular method, but this is not without issue. Assuming you are the giver of oral, the first issue being if you are laying on your stomach between her legs, you need to support your body with your arms. This means your arms are crowded under you with very little room for movement. This means only a limited range of motion for fingering and things like touching her boobs are basically out of the question. Also in this position, you have to lift your head up (which is essentially tipping your head way back) and for many people, this results in pain in the back of their neck which makes this a lot less enjoyable.

The last option is facesitting. Typically facesitting occurs with the woman straddling the man's face while he lays on his back in a bed or on a sofa. But with the pressure of her knees sinking down in the bed, there is typically very little room for the man's face. This means that it makes breathing difficult and other stimulation with your fingers basically impossible.

So this is where the queening stool is a great solution. These oral sex stools can turn an awkward sex position into an all you can eat buffet!

There are generally 2 types of designs. The first style, and most common is made so the man can lay flat on his back on the floor. The woman sits on a stool supported by the stool just above his face. This gives him room to move freely without suffocating or having to try to support his own weight or her weight. Also by laying flat, your head remains in line with your spine or at most elevated like you were laying on a pillow.

This also allows your hands to be free for rubbing her legs, clit, boobs or maybe yourself. On the stool, the woman has the option of facing towards or away from your as well as leaning forward or backward to shift the focus of your attention from your clit to your anus and anywhere in between.

Another variation of the queening chair has the man sitting more upright and the woman in an elevated chair facing towards or away from him. When facing towards him she is supported in a position that has her legs going over his shoulders. This is a great stool if the woman wants to use her hands to pull on his hair and to grind into him more.

Oral sex from the woman's perspective

For a woman, it is completely different. Unlink the man, a woman does not really suffer from the effects of the awkward position when receiving oral. So she will not gain newfound freedom or comfort from a queening chair as a man will.

A queening chair is designed to support primarily under your thighs and the cheeks of your butt while leaving your vagina and anus exposed. This can lead to a spreading effect as the woman settles into the seat. This opens her up to having additional areas accessible as well as deeper tongue penetration.

Also being supported by the stool gives the woman a new level of control. Communication is hard in sex for many people. Telling your partner exactly what you like is difficult. But in this case, you have the freedom to move while your partner is relatively stationary. You can shift his focus from your clit to your vagina to your ass and back to your clit just by shifting your body position. Not only will this be great for you, but your partner will greatly appreciate the non-verbal feedback about what you like. Most guys are eager to please and this will be a win-win for everyone.

Queening Chairs and Stools Buyer's Guide

When considering queening chairs, you are entering the realm of bondage furniture. Most quality pieces of dungeon furniture are very specialized and will cost you a pretty penny. But fortunately for facesitting, you have a few economy options.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool

The Fantasy Sex Stool is made with stretchy bands. This will allow a woman to bounce up and down and is designed for the squatting sex position. But the design of this seat also makes it a good option for those wanting to use a queening chair to explore facesitting. This is certainly not a quality piece of dungeon furniture and it has no real appeal of heavy wood or an industrial look. It is just a way to sit on a man's face and not kill him. This stool allows you to check it out for around $100.

LoveBotz Extreme Sex Stool

The next step up the quality latter is the LoveBotz Extreme Sex Stool. In construction and design, this is basically the same as the Fetish Fantasy version with the exception that it includes a dildo holder. It costs a little bit more, so it really depends if you are only looking for a stool for facesitting and oral sex or are looking for something you can get more uses out of. If you want some dildo play, riding a dildo in the squatting position can make a great show for your partner.