Sex Beyond the Bed: Sex Furniture

There are 2 types of sex furniture beyond the bed. Those for adding more positions and variety, and those used specifically for bondage.

Position Aids: More Positions, More Variety

Sex Swings

Wild Side Sex Swing in purple
Standard Sex Swing

Probably our favorite go-to to add more positions is the sex swing. And there are many different styles of sex swings. There are your door swings, sex swings, slings, and the platform swing. I normally go for a sex swing and a platform swing. The platform swing is a bit more money, but it is all the positions with a big bag of orgasms. What I love most about swings is the weightless and flying feeling. Plus your man has totally new exposure to your girl bits.

Sex Benches

The sex bench is one of my favorite pieces of sex furniture. The great thing is that if you get the right one, you can leave it right out in your room at the foot of your bed. No need to hide it. The sex bench can be a great addition to your room if you love squatting sex, doggy style or are considering a little light bondage. The fact that it can sit on the floor at the end of your bed means it is convenient to use frequently. Read more about sex benches.

Sex Stool

lovebotz sex stool

A sex stool is one of the most affordable types of sex furniture and one of the most fun. The stool can be a great option if you are into squatting sex, facesitting, or riding solo.

Position Pillows

Bondage Furniture

Bondage Stocks

Nothing says sexy to me like having your ass in the air. Tied. Exposed. Vulnerable. Well if this is your flavor too, the first piece of furniture you should be considering is a set of stocks or a pillory. These devices are usually designed to restrain your head and hands most often in a horizontal position. These were originally designed for public humiliation several hundred years ago, but today they have to goal of restraining your sub in a bent-over position that is ideal for spanking or other types of stimulation. Learn all about Stocks and Pillories

Low positions stocks

Spanking Bench

The spanking bench can be used to restrain a submissive person in a position very similar to that of the pillories. The goal here is also to have your sub's ass in the air, but a spanking bench is quite different than a pillory. Typically a spanking bench does not restrain the head, and it normally has a large padded section for the sub to straddle and support their body as well as many tie down points for bondage restraints

St Andrews Cross

Bondage Cages

Queening Chair


Whipping Post

Bondage Table