Sex Swing Headrest


I have used a lot of sex swings, and the one thing you can not do without is a headrest. I mean I guess you can, but who would want to? The idea is simple. If  you lay back and a swing and your head is unsupported after about 2 minutes your neck is going to start hurting. After about 3 minutes, sex is no longer going to be enjoyable.

If you have a swing – buy a headrest!


Product Features

This is a universal headrest. That means no matter which swing you bought this should work. For many brands of swing, this headrest just clips on to any piece of metal hardware such as the spreader bar, chain or o-rings. If you have a brand that does not have a place to clip it, there are 2 included webbing loops that you can loop over the spreader bar and then attach the headrest to the loops.

This is a fairly simple attachment, but it is essential if you want to really enjoy your sex swing.

Padding is 18 inches by 4 inches.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz


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