Tiffany Real Sex Doll


Measurements: Tiffany is small in stature coming in at only 4'5″ but she makes up for it in her curves and lush body.

  • 55 inches tall (4'5″)
  • D-cup breast
  • 29 inch bust
  • 19 inch waist
  • 29 inch hips
  • Long blonde hair
  • Nails- french tip
  • No pubic hair
  • 3 tight textured holes
  • 51 pounds
  • Fully posable

Product Features

What we love most about Tiffany is how realistic she ism but she is a shorty, so if you like short women she is perfect. She stands only 4'5″. She looks like a fit sexy woman in all the right places and ample in all the sweet spots. Our favorite being Tiffany's large breast. These are soft, and will move like real breast. Her size is a solid D-cup. We love how Tiffany can play the sweet and innocent girl for you, but then get her undressed and all her fun comes out.

Tiffany is designed with the highest level of material and design making her not only a pleasure to call your own but a solid investment in your happiness. She is pure quality. From her stunning eyes that will open and close and her fully posable body and her tight and ultra pleasing realistic and textured mouth, vagina and anus you will have endless fun with her.

I also want to talk about her nipples for a minute! It is one of my favorite features on a real doll and Tiffany's are yummmmy. They are a beautiful color and poke out so you always know what you are doing is pleasing her. Squeeze her nipples, suck on them, cum on them or if you are woman use a double sided dildo and ride that as you lick her nipples. Really it is a lovely sight!

Tiffany loves to be dressed up like your baby doll or a sophisticated naughty assistant or a slutty one night stand. She will play all your fantasies then help you create ones you didn't know you had.

Care for Tiffany:
Use with only water-based toy safe lubricants. Wipe down surface and clean out orifices using mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner before and after use. Keep Tiffany dry and powdered when not enjoying her. Don't store items on top of her or store her dressed as some clothes can stain her body.

Material: TPE.

Color: Flesh.

Note: Clothing is not included.

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