Platform/Bondage Swing


Tied Tight Platform Swing is the most unique swing on the planet. The sex positions are endless.


  • Made with Oak
  • 3 Padded Sections
  • Dual Hook System
  • 6 Different Adjustable Straps
  • Tie Down Mounts for Bondage
  • Unlimited Positions
  • 2 Springs
  • Chain Included


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Brands:Tied Tight

Product Features

Where do I even begin with this swing? First, let me say I use a lot of swings. I have go-to swings and hell no swings. I have swings for travel, sex swings for bondage and swings for a splash of color.  But the Tied Tight Platform Sex Swing with Bondage Attachments points is a completely different field of play.

I am asked daily what is my favorite sex swing, and oddly I don't say the platform- but it is my FAVORITE. I am not being dishonest, the swing I recommend is my favorite “sex swing”. But of all types of swings in all the world, the Tied Tight Platform is my favorite. But here is why I don't blurt out this swing immediately. It is by far our most expensive swing we sell, so I don't want to come off as pushing only the highest-priced item. And this is a work of art, it is handcrafted, made of oak, every detail is professionally designed and carefully made. However, people typically want a typical “Sex Swing” and this is big, although it can store under a bed or in a closet It is a solid pieces of wood and a lot of padding. it is heavy and not a sex swing you can just put in a bag and be done.

This is a new product at the end of 2019 as I write this, and It is the sex swing I find myself missing the most when I am on the road traveling. The positions are endless, it is unbelievably comfortable and safe and so beautiful.

Let me talk for a second about the positions available in the platform sex swing. It has 3 different sections and each section will move to the desired position.  I can have the “back” angled up and be “sitting” in the swing. I can position the same back flat or even angled down and then turn and have my ass in the air totally exposed. The Platform sex swing comes with tie points too for bondage, ropes or any other restraints. You can use it to keel on, lay over the sit, sit up, lay flat all while you have a weightless feeling.

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