Swan Massage Wand Rechargeable


A luxuriously designed wand the Swan will work both therapeutically and erotically.

100% smooth silicone
2 powerful bullets, one on each end
7 speeds and functions
Rechargeable with USB cord
6 1/4 inch diameter on the large side
4 3/4 inch diameter on the small side

Product Features

The swan wand reviewHaving owned this toy for over 4 years it has been my go-to. It is quite large in the hand but feels good, like you can grip it well. Each side is designed differently. One is more like a dildo style, an insertable size and offers a bullet for vibration.  The other side is the side I have used most often. It is a wide and somewhat flat or slightly curved flat surface. So this area is perfect for clitoral stimulation and it is wide so it will cover your whole clitoris and surrounding areas.  When I say this is my go-to vibrator, I mean it. In the 4+ years, I have had this vibrator it has traveled to 3 contents with me, it has been my only “must-have” toy when I am on the road. I can charge it with the USB charger (love this) and it will last literally months and I do use it often. It is powerful and has never failed me.  I feel completely confident in recommending the Swan Wand to anyone.

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