Screamer Sex Swing Stand


Not everyone can install a sex swing in their ceiling and some people just want to take swings to parties with them. Either way, you need a sex swing stand. I recommend the screamer stand over others because of the carrying case, smaller footprint, the bondage points and the ability to support a single or dual hook swing.

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Product Features

If you want to use your swing without screwing into your ceiling, you will want to consider a stand. The drawback to a stand is the size. Fortunately the Screamer stand has a footprint closer to 6 foot square while the other styles are closer to 7 1/2 feet square.

This stand assembles with snap pins and 4 knows, this is in contrast to the other stands that use 12 very small screws to assemble. We have sold the other stands in the past and we seem to get a lot of requests for replacement parts. So for us – 4 big knobs is better than 12 small screw.

Dual hook swings are more comfortable than single hook swings. The wider swing makes less pressure on your hips. This stand is the only one that can support both dual hook and single hook swings.

Lastly, I am a fan because it folds up the smallest and it includes a storage bag large enough for the stand, your swing and accessories.

Additional information

Weight 47 oz
Dimensions 46 × 17 × 5 in