Screamer Sex Swing – Dual Hook

$229.00 $209.00

Before I get too excited over this swing, I am going to cover the negatives first just to clear the air. This swing is a dual hook swing which means it needs two mounting points and can't spin and it is more expensive than some of the other swings.

Got it? Now I am going to tell you why if you can make this swing work for you, you need to get it.

The fact that it is a dual hook does mean it requires two mounting points, but the advantages of this is that with 2 points, weight is spread out making it safer and the swing can be installed to make the seat wider. By installing the mounting point further apart the seat will be much more comfortable and will put less pressure on your hips. If you are plus size or have had kids, this could make a huge difference.

This swing also has a number of features just not available on other swings. It is the only swing with handles. The only one with a storage bag. It was designed to work with attachments such as the squatting attachments and bondage cuffs. And it has a much larger range of adjustment so it will work for more people in more positions.

And people often ask if I really use these swings? Yes. In fact I have a swing baby that was conceived in this swing!


Product Features

This is my go to swing. It is hand down the most comfortable of the sex swings, plus it has attachments that no other swing has. It has more adjust-ability than more and is the only one with a storage bag. If you want the best swing, get this one.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz