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Realcocks Realistic Suction Cup Dildo is one of the most realistic dildos we have ever had the pleasure to use. Flexible and soft yet hard. So perfect!


  • Flexible
  • Veined and Textured
  • Harnness Compatible
  • Waterproof
  • Inner skeleton allows real movement

Product Features

Realistic dildo - realcocks slidersThis is my favorite realistic dildo so far. For the record, I used the uncut 6.5-inch dildo but structurally all are designed the same so let's assume the review here will be pretty accurate across the board.  I will first say, I think with most dildos unless they are silicone, should be used with a condom- they can hold bacteria and I just feel overall this is the safest option with dildos. Now back to this Realcocks Slider. So many things to love about this design. It has a skeletal inter structure that allows the dildo to move, extremely realistically so it isn't stiff like most dildos. The second layer is a thicker layer that adds to the girth. It is soft yet firm, like a hard dick. Then the secret glory is the outer layer. It is a thin skin-like layer that moves against the inner girth layer.

The size of the 6.5 is very realistic to an average man. The actual insertable length is about 1 inch less than the listed length. Watch my video where I measure the 6.5 uncircumcised dildo to understand how they measure the dildos.

as far as what it feels like using it. It is soft and realistic. I think this is because of the internal skeleton that moves with you as you ride it. The size is very close to an average man. Not overly girthy, not going to kill you with length. It is enjoyable and easy to ride.

suction cup dildo mirror showThe Realcocks slider also has a suction cup to set up on a bathtub or a tile wall or just be creative with that. My newest favorite is using it on a mirror on the sex bench. For me, it is a good place for squatting and my husband loves the visuals.

How Big Is It Really?

Comparing sex toys visually helps to give you some perspective. Sometimes the numbers are hard to read, so we have evened them out.

Realcocks Slider 6″ Uncircumcised

[dildo measure=”in” l=”5.5″ g=”4.5″ d=”” ]

Realcocks Slider 7″

[dildo measure=”in” l=”6.5″ g=”4.75″ d=”” ]

Realcocks Slider 7.5″

[dildo measure=”in” l=”6.5″ g=”5″ d=”” ]

Realcocks Slider 8″

[dildo measure=”in” l=”8″ g=”5.25″ d=”” ]

Realcocks Slider 9″

[dildo measure=”in” l=”8″ g=”5.5″ d=”” ]

Additional information


6 inch Uncircumsized, 7 inch, 7.5 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch


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