Electric Eric Mystim


Don't be scared, the E-stimulation Mystim elctroshock vibrator is not as scary as it sounds. You have total control over the speed and intensity and you will have your mind blown with new sensations.


  • 8 different vibration patterns
  • 5 different shock intensity levels
  • Vibration and shock work simultaneously or individually
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Ultra-soft outer layer
  • USB rechargeable
  • Comes with a case
  • European design and safety tested

Product Features

mystim electroshock vibrator white and blackI have an entire review of my experience with the Mystimm E-stim Vibes. A quick overview. I received this vibrator as a valentines day gift from my husband. What I thought was a beautiful vibrator, when I opened it, soon started shocking me as I was carelessly pushing buttons. I didn't even think to read the instructions and was totally unaware it was an electroshock dildo and I am very versed with vibrators but my goodness when this thing started shocking me, seemingly out of the blue, I had no idea what was going on.

As I am screaming my husband is laughing. I mean it has a strong shock when you jack up the levels unknowingly.  So a bit about the Electric Eric they say it is unprecedented, and I will fully agree- unexpected and unprecedented. It took me 18 months to even try this toy. To my defense, I had a metal piercing on my clitoral hood and refused to even look at it. I ended up having surgery and if you know anything about surgery, you can't have metal on, earrings, nose ring, clit ring… Nothing. So out it went and my surgery went unexpectedly bad and I was down for several weeks. So the clit ring never was reset and I closed up. Boo… But this gave me no reason, as far as my husband was concerned, to not try the Mystim. It took me another 6 months to even look at it.

mystim electric eric controls

Here is the quick rundown. the vibration and electroshock can be used together or individually. I personally like it best individually. I find also as a benefit, my husband who is naturally girthy is even more girthy feeling once I use the electroshock.  The quality of the Mystim is second to none, truly. It is really a beautiful vibrator. the feel of it is silky and it is body-safe made in Germany of the highest European standards.

The vibration mode has 2 different vibration motors. One in the tip and one at the shaft of the dildo. E-Stim has 5 different electrical stimulation programs with 10 intensity levels. From a light tingling sensation up to an intense shock.

One of the things I tried and found was my favorite setting was the setting for pelvic floor training or kegles. What I love about this mode of shock is it was like a wave. a slow rise, peak, slow drop, rest, repeat. I like that I am not zapped at once and could enjoy the wave of the sensation. The benefits to kegals are well known, but it can help with strengthing the pelvic floor, better sex, improve the ability to reach orgasm and overall better sexual health.


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