Extreme Sex Stool: LoveBotz Banging Bench


A strong steel frame with elastic rubber to pounce on your dildo that is included with this stool.

14.5 in. height
19 in. wide
18 in. deep
Dildo not included

Brands:XR Brands

Product Features

Do you love bouncing on a hard cock? The sex stool with a dildo will give you deep satisfaction and long enjoyment as you bounce to orgasm after orgasm. Put on a show for your partner, set up a mirror or just close your eyes and ride. The raiser bar can be removed and your partner can lay underneath the stool for you to ride his human dildo. It can also be used as a queening chair and you can straddle the stool and lower into your lover's face to have extreme levels of oral sex. Compatible with a strap-on dildo or a suction cup dildo.

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