Banana Creme Pie Glide Lubricant


Oral pleasure with some flavor? Yes, please! And we love the Banana Cream. We think you will too.


  • Banana Cream Pie Flavored
  • Luscious and Edible Lubricant
  • Organic Stevia
  • Made in the USA
  • Water-based
  • 4oz

Product Features

Do you love exploring your partner with extra flavor? We researched and tested so many flavored lubes and we just love the flavors with New Earth/Intimate Earth.  Their Banana Cream Pie didn't disappoint. It is truly a delicious lube. I wish I could get you to taste it over the internet (yummy smilie from me) It really is that good!  I used it on my husband and I rubbed it all around so even after a while I would find a new tasty spot. And I love it is made with Stevia and won't activate a yeast reaction- ladies you understand! They suggest you rinse after use anyway though, just to be safe. Use some warm water and mild soap.

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