Fetish Deluxe Door Swing


Fetish Deluxe Door Swing is the world's most popular door sex swing.


  • Large Seat
  • Large Stirrups
  • Comfortable Handles
  • Over the Door system'
  • No hardware needed
  • Mounts to any stable door

Product Features

The fetish deluxe door sex swing is a favorite of those who are budget-friendly and honestly, very fit! Ok, well first, most people who buy this door swing don't realize how fit they have to be. They normally buy for 1 of 2 reasons.

  1. Price. It is a quick, no hardware needed sex swing. All you need is a door, thus not many parts go into a door swing and the price reflects its simplicity. It is cheap. And many people like trying new toys but not spending a ton on each toy.
  2. Simple to install. No doubt a door sex swing is easy to install. It has 2 straps that go over the top of the door with a metal rod at one end. Strap them over, close the door, instant sex swing.Fetish Deluxe Door Swing


So now the drawbacks

Lord knows I am honest, and I have to be super honest when it comes to door swings, I am not a personal fan. Although, the other girl in our shop loves them! So, it is really a preference.  But I will give you door sex swings are not for me and also I will follow that for why my coworker loves them.

  1. You need to be fit. I am chubby and not fit- well, I walk a lot, but I am much more cushin' for the pushin' than Sorts Illustrated bathing suit model. It is just awkward and not a good fit for the curvy girl who isn't exactly buff.   So, my coworker is super fit and does all kinds of strength training. So she doesn't have this problem.
  2. I like to go for quality over price. When it comes to sex swings because I HAVE THEM ALL, I know quality and I just prefer to go for a more standard style sex swing. You can find those here.   My coworker likes the ability to just grab a quick toy and go. Quality isn't as important as the variety of sex toys to her.
  3. Some do not have seats. This is vital even for my coworker, we agree. Fetish Deluxe Door SwingThis door sex swing, Fetish Deluxe, does. But most don't if you buy one, get this one!
  4. There is a more limited number of positions for a door sex swing when compared to other types of swings, but you can install it pretty much anywhere from your bedroom to a hotel.

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