Dr. Skin Suction Cup Dildo Realistic Size


We love these Dr. Skin realistic and what we call “doable” dildos. They offer a sturdy suction cup and will make you feel full. Glads with easy and easy to keep clean.


  • Dr. Skin Suction Cup Dildo
  • 5.5 or 8 inches in length
  • Suction Cup base
  • Body safe PVC
  • Non-porous and easy to clean
  • 3 colors – vanilla, mocha, chocolate
Brands:Dr Skin

Product Features

If you are anything like me I see some of these dildos and instantly think, hell no! That thing is so big. But these were specifically chosen for their realistic size. To start we have the 5.5 inches with 5-inch insertable length. We love this size. It is above average size, but just by a tad. It isn't overly girthy (and I do love girth) but it is a great true to average size. Enjoyable, doable.

The 8 inch is larger than average, by quite a bit, but it is still doable and if you like girth and stretch this is your golden boy. plus, you can work your way up to take the 8 inches as you enjoy your way down being stretched, girthed, full and pleasured.

The “skin” is realistic but still firm. If you have used dildos you understand this, if not, trust me!

Additional information


5.5 inch, 8 inch


Brown, Mocha, Vanilla


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