Britney Sex Doll


Measurements: Britney could be the perfect real doll. Her realistic height and breast make us love her so much.

  • C-cup breast
  • 96lbs
  • 63 inches tall (5'3″)
  • 30 inch chest
  • 20 inch waist
  • 32 inch hips
  • Her vaginal and anal depths are 7.5 inches
  • Oral depth is 6 inches
  • Shoe size is 8.5
  • Fully adjustable
  • 3 wigs in blonde, brunette, black
  • Bullet vibrator
  • Nails- french tip
  • G-string lingerie
  • Shipped from the USA
    (French Made costume in included)

Product Features

First, can we just have a throw back to our youth and Britney Spears 2000? I mean this doll was probably modeled after her! Am I right? Where is my AMEN!! Plus this tall is literally 1inch shorter than Britney- coming in at 5′ 3″. BOOM!!! I am pretty sure I am totally calling this right.  Here-forth her name is Britney!

Anyway…. What I love about this line of real sex dolls is the design. Of course you can go super high end and custom make your doll, but WHY people? WHY? She is made of cutting-edge design and material and you will have peak climax experience every time with her.

Let's really break this down because for the price, dang… It is a sweet deal. Britney is fully posable. We are talking spread her legs, find the glory hole, get her doggy style, get her in a sex swing! the possibilities are endless. Her eyelids will open and closes, her feet move, her mouth is ultra-realistic and willing to take your dick or a strap-on (ladies!). Her ass is tight, but willing. Literally, any position you can imagine Britney is here to please and do it with pure satisfaction.

Moving onto her body, she really could have the prefect size. She is 5'3″ with lovely C-cup breasts that will move and giggle and feel soft and realistic in your hands. Thrust light or hard and see her body react to you. Her sex holes are all tight and pleasing and come textured for your ultimate pleasure.

How To Care For Britney

Important care instructions for any real sex doll.  Always use only water-based lubricants on any doll. Before and after use, clean the doll and make sure all orifices and cavities are cleaned thoroughly. You clean these areas with mild anti-bacterial soap or a toy cleaner.  Make sure she is stored dry and powdered when you are not enjoying her. Keep Britney free of other items. Take good care of her and she will be happy to please your every desire for you a very very long time.

Material: TPE

Color: Flesh

Note: French maid costume pictured is not included. Includes doll, a soft blanket, babydoll and G-string lingerie, bullet vibrator and 3 wigs: blonde, brunette, and black. Please store all clothing and accessories separately from the doll as the dolls material can absorb pigment.

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