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The other day, Abby posted a nice article about the sizes of penises and dildos. If you have not had a chance to read it, I can give you the two-sentence version.

King Cock 15 inch suction cup dildo
  • All sex toys are substantially bigger than the average man.
  • Women say size does not matter and they are happy with their men, but they still spend billions on the big toys.

So what gives? How can this be?

Researchers have hypothesized that women can have both mental/emotional orgasms and physical orgasms. A woman can be with a man that is only of average size and because of the emotional attachment or the mental seduction she can reach orgasm. On the flip side, a toy is an inanimate object. There is no emotional connection so to make a woman climax the toy must provide more physical stimulation such as being larger or vibrating.

For me, I love watching women get off. It does not matter if she is having an emotional experience with a man or a physical one with a toy. Both make her happy and that makes me happy.

But my question is, why would they only want to choose one? Why physical or emotional?

Brilliant Idea! Penis Sleeves

I am a solutions man. I don't just sit back and wonder, I take action.

A lot of men feel insulted that they are “small”. By small I mean average. But this is a fact. Only like 1 in 10,000 men are the same size as the sex toy that makes your woman cum. Don't take it personally, it is the reality. What really fills her up is at least 50% longer and fatter than your cock is. And there is nothing you can do about it as mentioned in this article: How my husband got a monster cock.

But what I can do is help my wife achieve both a physical orgasm and an emotional one at the same time? To do this I have determined that I need to become an expert on penis sleeves and extenders.

large wooden dowel - lots of girth

So I had this in the back of my mind for a few days and Abby and I were at Home Depot in the tools section. I point over to the wooden dowels and say to grab the 2 3/4. Being everything sexual to her, she says – “I can take 2 3/4 inches”.

Now for reference, 2 3/4 inch diameter is equal to 8.63 inches in circumference. The average man's girth is only 4.59 inches.

I look at her and say – “You think you can take that girth?” and she replies, “Yeah, probably”

Well, GAME ON!

Sleeves vs Extenders

When you are looking for these devices, you will notice that most of them add length to the penis and they all make it fatter.

In a nutshell, these are basically a silicone or plastic-type toy that slides over the penis. Since they go all the way over the penis, there is material on all sides and the end. This thickness will make it bigger in all directions: length and girth.

The only real difference is the expectation. People looking for extenders typically want length and people looking for sleeves typically want more girth.

Most of these toys add a fair amount of girth and 1 to 3 inches in length.

What is interesting, however, is that each month in Google 40,000 men search for penis extenders and only 22,000 men search for penis sleeves. So twice as many men are looking to add length compared to girth.

So I have a secret for all the men out there. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

  • If you ask a girl what size penis she likes, she will tell you a length, like 7 inches.
  • If I asked you how big you are, you would tell me something like 6 inches
  • When you buy dildos, the boxes are always labeled by length like “10” king cock”

But if you ask a girl, would you rather a long penis with no girth or a girthy penis with no length, 100% of girls will choose the girth.

This is because of where the nerves are for women. Women can feel the stretching. More girth will provide more stimulation. (up to a point then it will hurt). But the length is different. There are no nerves deep within to give them pleasure. The only thing that will happen is anything over about 6 inches will hit the cervix, bottom out and cause pain.

So the fact that men are searching to add length and not girth tells me they do not know what it takes to make their woman orgasm. When you are searching for sleeves and extenders, try to find the ones that add the most girth and avoid the ones that add too much length.

Shopping Time

Immediately after returning home from Home Depot, I jump on the sex toy distributing websites. I have no penis sleeves or extenders on my website and now I need one. There are 266 choices. That is way to many for me to test and it is way to many for any of you guys to try to sort through. So first off I start eliminating.

  • No extenders over 9 inches. That is just too hard on too many women. Very small audience.
  • Eliminate items from manufacturers that are known to make cheap crap.
  • Combine the same items with only color and size variations
  • Remove sleeves designed specifically for anal sex
  • Get rid of those with vibration. I find vibration kills sensitivity for me so I could never give one that vibrates a good review and we only sell items we personally test and review.

In the end, I narrowed it down to about 12 that made the cut. I ordered every one of them in for testing.

The testing is simple.

  • How comfortable was it?
  • How did it feel to me?
  • Was it quality and will it last?
  • Did it help Abby make the orgasm face?

Performance Studded Cock Sleeve

The first one we went for was the Performance studded cock sleeve. Being just a sleeve, this has an open tip so it does not add length and instead only focuses on girth. The girth it adds was only a little but this sleeve has some serious ribs on it as well.

For me, well these types of toys are not really for me, they are more for her. But with this toy, I could not exactly feel her well, but you can definitely sense pressure, so that is at least something.

I focus a lot on her and the way she moves and reacts. I will say that she definitely moved and reacted more intensely and loudly using this toy vs not using it so to me that is a success. She downplays how good this toy was a little. In her mind, it was more average, but I think actions speak louder than words. You can see her full review here.

Fantasy X-tension

The next try was with the Fantasy X-tension. This one is an extender, so it adds about 2 inches of length as well as adding a fair amount of girth. It also features a vibrator motor. Normally I am not a fan of vibration, but she is, so again these toys are all about me focusing on her, so I was willing to give it a shot.

I think she was extremely surprised and pleased by this toy. We tried several positions and she was extremely into it in the spooning positions and not really so much in the missionary. I think because of the missionary being a deeper position and the extra length of this toy. That was not a problem with spooning.

As with all toys in this class, I could not really feel anything. Much less here than the even the studded sleeve above. Basically I felt nothing. But that was OK because she was so into it that it was incredibly hot.

As a weird side effect, when she removed the sleeve and I entered her without it, it was mind blowing. It was almost like banging her and feeling nothing made me hypersensitive when it was removed.

The one weird thing on these is the rubber strap. They all have a rubber strap that they say goes around the balls to help you last longer. Personally I think you last longer because you can not feel as much. Plus that rubber band around your balls… well that is a hazard. One little snap the wrong way and you will be crying as you cut the straps off all of your sleeves.

We tried the vibration and it was just not it for either of us. The problem is the vibrator is attached to the sleeve. That means I am always being vibrated and I do not really like it and she loves vibration but since it moves with me she is only vibrated intermittently.

The last thing to note here is that this is a porous material, so washing extra good is important. This is a one-hole toy. No changing people or entry points. This toy is not sanitary enough for that unless you use a condom on it.

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