Suction Cup Dildos: A Spectator Sport

For the past couple of months, my husband has been trying to convince me that the suction cup dildo is the most under-appreciated sex toy in the toy store I'm sure. I am not sure I buy it yet, but I am definitely thinking it is very undervalued.

His logic goes something like this. The general public believes the suction cup dildos are something of a narrow use item. They think they are used to get freaking in the shower by sticking it to the wall. But in bed and normal games, they are just not loved.

But the real potential in a sex toy with a suction cup is in the visuals and the fantasy potential.

Great Penetration Visuals!

There are a lot of people that love penetration. I find myself in this group. I fast forward through porn looking for the close-up shot of the big cock gliding in and out. I love more than anything the idea of being in the room when someone else is having sex and just watching him stick it in her. Or even two girls with a strap on thrusting in and out. Oh, the penetration….

But then it occurs to me. How often do I actually see penetration? I mean with 4 kids running around I am not about to take a video and risk having that get lost in the house. So at this point in my life, I have never even had a good view of myself being penetrated. Maybe I could hold a phone down there in selfie mode and watch? Ha, that sounds kinda clumsy and awkward.

So the idea of watching penetration, especially my own is destined to remain just a fantasy.

Watching Yourself Take It All

So my husband points out, this is exactly what he was talking about. This is the perfect place to use the suction cup dildo. He grabs his phone and pulls up YouPorn. “Look!” he shows me.

What do you know, a suction cup dildo on a mirror. Actually, as I am watching this, this is good. This could work. Using the mirror, these girls have a front-row seat to their own real-life porn show.

suction cup dildo mirror show

So the next day I go into the room at night and he has a sex bench set up with a mirror and a suction cup dildo. Well this was not what I saw in the videos. Most of those girls were squatting over a mirror on the floor or doing a doggy style thing with it stuck to a wall mirror. What's with the bench?

He explains to me that if you are in a doggy style position, the visuals will be greatly reduced because of lighting and shadows. Basically it will be too dark to see much. And if you watch the girls trying to squat over the dong on the floor it is too low and they are either struggling to maintain position and balance, or they go down to their knees again blocking the light for prime viewing.

So I am going to spare you the details, because this is about sex toy, not an erotic novel. But in straddling the bench and lowering myself onto the dildo it was one of the most visually pleasing and erotic experiences I have had in a long time. Basically – It was incredibly HOT!

For my husband. This was a real thrill. He was able to watch from multiple angles including sitting on the floor behind me as I leaned forward giving him a great view of how my inner lips stretched around the shaft. By having the dildo raise up on a bench it brought the show up to eye level if he was sitting on the floor.

The key here is to use a sex bench to raise the dildo off the floor about one foot. This will make it much easier to squat and balance over it and it will allow you to go much longer without killing your thighs.

The Show For Your Husband

Sometimes it is not just about pleasing yourself. Usually, it is, but sometimes I want to go out of my way to give something special for my husband because I love him (or because seeing him turned on is a totally turn on so really a gift for me)

So he asked me to consider using the suction cup dong with plexiglass rather than a mirror. This took us a little work to get set up, but once we got it figured out we were ready to go.

First, we took a queening stool and installed a piece of plexiglass under the seat. Unlike the mirror technique, this allowed him to have a direct visual view rather than a reflection. He was able to lay under the stool looking up through the plexiglass as I slowly lowered myself onto the toy. Now obviously I have no first-hand knowledge of his view, but based on the fact he was hard as a rock in 3 seconds and he asked if we could do it again the next night, I am going to assume it was good.

His next bright idea was doggy style. He took a block of wood and cut a grove in it and installed a narrow piece of plexiglass perpendicular to the floor. He then stuck the dildo to it about 12 inches above the floor and then looked at me and said “what are you waiting for? Get down there and RIDE IT!” – He is such a romantic sometimes.

So I got on my hands and knees and backed up to it and started slowly moving back and forth. The plexiglass giving him a full visual of all the action. I had no idea how much he would enjoy this.

These days, things like sex machines are becoming very popular. A woman on her hands and knees with a machine thrusting a dildo in and out of her. But this was different. Unlike a woman remaining stationary and just taking it, this required me to thrust back and forth. This required me to move at the speed of my pleasure, my joys, and my orgasms. He told me there is a very big difference between a woman taking the toy and a woman riding a toy. Riding the toy shows enjoyment. There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman turned on.

Of course, I headed to YouPorn to verify and here was right. The difference is clear. The woman moving vs the toy is completely different.

The #1 Fantasy in the World

According to the book Tell Me What You Want which is about the world's largest study into sexual fantasies, the most common fantasy in the world is to have sex with multiple partners. Basically, a threesome.

Fantasy Threesome MMF

But when you ask people about things that they want to do sexually, a threesome is pretty far down the list. Only a small percentage of people want to actually participate in a threesome. So what is the difference?

Well, there is a big difference between something that happens in your head and something that actually could happen with you and your partner. Most people are not willing to go there. While there are many men that may be fantasizing about seeing their wife with two men or a lot of women that want to experience a double penetration, most people would be hesitant to actually bring another man into their relationship.

The suction cup dildo can be a great stand in to experience some of the dynamics of an MFM threesome without the risks.

This fantasy is me. I don't know why, but the idea of being double penetrated has always been one thing on my bucket list. I think it is between the idea of being completely filled up and the idea of being able to please two people at the same time.

So this one was completely my idea. What if we have a simulated threesome using the suction cup dildo. There is no risk. What could go wrong? Maybe I will love it and we will want to explore a real threesome in the future. Hmm… that sounds weird. Is this dildo like a gateway drug? Only time will tell.

For me this was an easy choice, we need to use the sex bench. The fact that it is elevated and narrow makes it perfect for straddling and using the suction cup on the flat hard surface.

For a warm-up, I straddled the bench and took the toy in and had my husband stand in front of me so I could give him a blowjob until we were both ready. At this point, we proceeded to experiment with double penetration. Again here, I am going to forego the details and just tell you about my thoughts.


In doing this, I learned something. My husband told me that he loves blowjobs, but there are two different levels. There are ordinary blowjobs and then blowjobs when I am totally turned on. He said when he is receiving oral at the same time I am using a toy on myself, it takes it to a different level. He says it is my level of enthusiasm that makes it so much hotter.

With this in mind, we decided to explore other options. Where else can we stick this thing? The obvious choice is the shower.

The first thing we tried was sticking it on the wall and I would just bend over, lean back into the toy while taking him in my mouth. This works way better in the movies or in your head. This can be fun for a minute until the water starts running up your nose. So we opted for moving the toy to the edge of the bath tub. He stayed standing in the shower and I straddled the edge of the tub. This worked a lot better.

Solo Time and the Suction Cup Dildo

Every once in awhile there comes a time when a girl needs to take care of herself. You are single. The husband is gone golfing. You just watch a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Sometimes a girl just has needs.

Obviously there are a lot of toys that can do the trick in a time of need, but suction cup toys offer you a hands-free experience. Think about it. You are laying in bed with this fantasy in your head of Leo thrusting in and out of you. Well, you don't really want to be holding a toy in your hands doing it yourself. You want hands free. You want to close your eyes and go for the ride and live in the fantasy.

Find somewhere to stick the toy, get on it, close your eyes and ride your fantasy.

Size Challenge

King Cock 15 inch suction cup dildo

A lot of women love large toys. Sometimes the toys are just a little too big and penetration is not so easy. Using large toys with a suction cup holds them in place and lets your work around them rather than you reaching to the bottom of a large toy somewhere 10 inches below your vagina and trying to have the leverage to press it in.

Securing a large dildo to the edge of a bathtub or a sex bench allows you to position yourself above it where you can lower yourself in a very slow controlled fashion while allowing you the benefit of your body weight to assist. Having your hands free also allows you to easily message yourself, apply lube and spread your girly bits.

Suction Cup Dildo Reviews

It is crazy how many dildos with suction cups there are. There are over 2,000 of them. So after spending some time visiting stores, touching them, reading about them, I have narrowed the feels to a couple of dozen that were worth more “personal testing” and here I am going to help you find a good one for you.

The Realcock Sliders – Most Realistic

Review of the realcocks sliders dildo

I love the Realcock Sliders. Many dildos are extremely uncomfortable, hard and rigid. They are nothing more than glorified ram sticks. But this dildo is incredible and it has a suction cup. It is created from 3 layers. It has a “skeleton” that adds rigidity but still allows it to bend. It has the firm silicon layer that adds girth but still has some give. Lastly, it has a layer of “skin” that moves over the shaft.

For a dildo in the $50 price range, this thing feels very realistic. It moves realistic and if comes in a variety of sizes that range from a very realistic 6 inch (5.5 insertable) with a girth that is right in line with the average man up to a large 9 inch with a fairly large girth. For reference, this would put it in the 99.9 percentile for men's length and 98 percentile for girth. Needless to say, this is a beast, but still within reality.

I opted for the 6 inches for me. The insertable length and the girth were are both exactly in line with the size of the average man. So this gives a very realistic feel. The 6 inch also comes with an uncircumcised design. This has always been fascinating to me, however, unfortunately, this dildo with its realistic sliding skin still does not allow the foreskin to move. It was so close to perfect.

    Colours Dual Density – Great Visual Contrast

    color contrast with a dark dildo

    So much of my love of the suction cup dildos is the visuals. Using the mirror to watch penetration is great, but to kick it up a level, I love contrasting colors. Taking a cock with the same skin tone as you is like camouflage. If I am going to watch, I want to see all the action. Bold and Highlighted!

    So the Colours Dual Density toys come in six colors. Light, medium and dark skin tones as well as three designer colors.

    They also come in 2 sizes a 5 inches and 8 inches. Oddly the 5 inch has a 5.5 insertable length and the 8 inches has a 7.5 insertable length. But 5.5 is in the average man range and the 7.5 is around the 99 percentile. The girth is proportional as well.

    This dildo does have a 2 layer construction with a firm center and a softer silicone outer layer making it more comfortable than some of the older versions. The powerful suction cup makes this a good choice for sticking it to a mirror and riding it like a woman possessed.

    King Cock 15″ – Stretching to the Max

    The suction cup dildos I have covered in the previous reviews can be large, there is nothing to scoff at in a 9 inch girthy cock. But these sizes are still within the outer limits of what is humanly possible for a man to have. But some women want a fuller experience. So to provide you with a challenge, I would like to introduce you to the King Cock 15 inch suction cup dildo.

    This is not for the average woman, but for those that want something special and unique. At 15 inches it is MASSIVE, but the girth is only around 10 inches. Sure the largest men are only around 6 inches, so 10 inches is massive. But compared to something like the walrus suction cup toy which has a diameter of 14.5 inches. So call the king cock a compromise. Sure I own them both, but I consider the walrus as a novelty or an inside joke. The King Cock is massive, but the thoughts cross my mind and someday I may be tempted.

    FemmeFunn Vibrating Rabbit

    Did you notice that I have written 3,000 words about sex toys and not yet mentioned Vibration. Weird I know. But the fact is that 70% of all suction cup toys are sold as dildos and not vibrators. But you know, sometimes a girl just wants that powerfull clitoral climax, right? Just because I want to put on a good visual show for my husband and myself, or because I want to try DP or do it in the shower, what would I be forced to ignore my clitoris? Well that is just not acceptable.

    So I have made sure to include this suction cup

    Anal Fantasy Collection Starter Plug

    For me it is not always about size, especially when it comes to anal. There are different toys for different moods. Anal can be a lot of fun, but it does not always need to be an ass destroying moment to enjoy it, so I have included this suction cup starter plug.

    This plug has a very small 3.8 inch circumference would make it equal to about the smallest 5% of men. But if you are wanting to use a suction cup toy on a bench to explore double penetration, this could be the perfect toy to use while your husband penetrates you vaginally.

    This toy also makes a good warm-up toy for you to prepare for double penetration where your partner is behind you and you change to another dildo since the odds are your husband is much larger than this toy. It is easier to work into it rather than going straight to your partner, especially if he is on the larger size.

    Neo & Neo Elite Dildos

    If you like colors, another great option for suction cup dildos are the Neo and Neo Elite. They come in 4 colors as well as a couple of sizes. The difference between the regular and the elite is that the Elite is made from 100% silicone so it costs a little more.

    These are dual-density so they have a pretty realistic feel, however, they do not have the moveable skin that I like, but these are more something you buy because you want the vibrant colors.