3 Couples Vibrators to Rock Your Sexual World

Vibrators are hands down my favorite type of toy. Especially when pairing it with a penis! Enter happy me. So here are some of my favorite couples sex toys perfect to spice and shake things up for any couple.

The Best Vibrators for Couples

We-Vibe Simultaneous Vibrator

We-Vibe basically all things awesome. They came out with this really cool toy several years ago that rocked the design world of sex toys. This page is dedicated solely to the original We-Vibe U-shaped couples sex vibrator and the recent models of the classic.

So why the We-Vibe? And what makes it so special for couples? Well, for starters in January 2015 the We-Vibe 4 Plus won the distinguished award for Best Couples Sex Toy at the Sexual Health Expo in Los Angeles California. A huge honor and a very hard category.

We-Vibe Match Vibrator
We-Vibe Match Vibrator

But let's look deeper. This is a smooth silicone toy that is U-shaped and slides easily into the vagina along with the penis. The other outer (thicker) area sits on the clitoral area. Depending on the model you chose, you can have up to 10 vibration and 10 levels of speed and you can choose to use any intensity. The inserted portion of the We-Vibe will rest nicely on the woman's front area of her vagina and offer some really great pressure rich G-spot simulation. At the same time, the man is pleased with a tighter feeling and a more cozy vagina and new sensation with the vibrations.

The We-Vibe Match (pictured) is remote control and wireless as well as waterproof. Have you ever wanted to use a sex toy for dual pleasure in a big bathtub or hot tub or pool? The We-Vibe is perfect for this adventurous play.

Tryst Couples Vibrator

Tryst couples vibrator in pink

Tryst is an amazing new style of toy. Its main use is as a cock ring mixed with a vibrator mixed with a clitoral massager. But before we get too deep into that pleasure zone lets also mention you can use one or 2 as nipple stimulators before working your way down under.

It offers 7 speeds and vibration settings. What we love about this is actually the clitoral massage and the ability to work with many cock sizes. Because the arms are firm yet moveable, it will fit snug on any shaft. The clitoris will slide between the arms with each thrust as it gets a massage and vibration sending her over the edge of ecstasy. And the massage base will sit nicely on the perineum of both users. It is an experience like you have never had before.

Double Date Vibrator for Solo or Couple play

Evolved has made a great combo in a clitoral vibrator as well as a matching anal plug. These toys are for people willing to try some double fun. Has your man wondered about anal play? Willing to try it? Already loves it? Or possibly use the clitoral vibrator and the anal plug on yourself and let him bang you as you get totally stimulated, clitoral, vaginal and anal. The butt plug vibrates as does the clitoral stimulator. 10 high-intensity functions with smooth and creamy silicone finish. There is an easy to manage finger ring on each toy. What we love is that each toy can be controlled individually.