The Best 7 Sex Toys For Couples: Kicking it Up a Level

Whether you have been married for decades and need to add a little fire back into your sex life or maybe you got yourself a new wild fling and just can't get enough orgasms, either way, you ended up here looking for a few toy ideas that are geared towards couples.

Today, you are in luck. I can't guarantee anything, but I am pretty sure no matter who you are, you will find at least one thing on this list you have not explored as a couple.

Sex Toys for Couples: The beginners' preview.

It is first important to figure out what you consider a “couples” sex toy. Is it just watching your partner have pleasure with a toy? Maybe rubbing her as she plays with a dildo? Using a butt plug or cock ring on him? Stimulation simultaneously? We are going to assume you want to amp up the play time and the joint pleasure. So, we have designed this list for toys that can stimulate both of you equally.

#1 Vibrators for Two: Sensation Overload

We-Vibe Match Vibrator
We-Vibe Match Vibrator

Personally, I am a vibrator lover, my partner on the other hand… no! So we use vibration sometimes and sometimes just the toy. A great example of something fun to use that can be both enjoyable for vibration or not would be the Simplicity Elliot Vibrator Extension. This is a penis enlarger and it slides on the penis with 2 silicone rings and offers both vibration or no vibration but a completely different feel. What we love about this vibrating extension is so many thing! First, it doesn't completely encompass the penis, so the man still have feeling and a unique experience. For the woman this toy hits a lot of areas. It “fills” up her pussy, and girls love the feeling of being FULL. It is shaped like a J and this allows for insertion and external stimulation at the same time. You can have both the long side or the short clitoral section on vibration or not.

Other Couples Vibrators we LOVE!

#2 Sex Furniture: Couples Exploring New Sex Positions

OK this is where you may need to not even buy a “toy” but use things you already have as assistance in new positions. Have you ever rode your man as he sits on the toilet (lid)? Or how about that big ottoman the living room that would look perfect with your wife's legs spread wide and you going down on her. Tried leaning over the bed and taking it doggy style standing up? Be creative with what you do have in the home already. Some of the best sex has been on a lounge chair in my house. I once had sex in a hot tub, breaking it down a few decades ago to my crazy teen years! But, hey- do you got a hot tub? Have you ever had sex in the shower? Are you in the planning phases of a home remodel and thinking about places to incorporate secrete sexy fun? Go all out on your shower with some benches and good sprayers.

Our favorite Sex Toy Furniture for Couples

#3 Sex Swings: Couples Taking is Airborne

headrest makes any swing more comfortable

One of our favorite sex toys for couples is a sex swing. It actually shocks me how many women I hear put an absolute NO to this idea immediately. At the same time, when I am talking to a customer and he says “it was my wife's idea” I instantly tell him how good he has it!

Swings can be made up of many different types. Single Hook, Dual Hook, Door Swing, Sling, Platform, Leather, Canvas, Cotton, horrible fake silk. It is best to do some research. This is also a subject where I definitely recommend not going cheap. I mean you don't need to mortgage the house either, but look for the $175 for a swing upwards of $600 for a platform swing. It is okay, don't pass out! I swear you will make up for it with the first look of orgasm on her face.

I would suggest the dual hook by Screamer for a swing and on the higher end, I would go for the Platform swing by Tied Tight. Both are extreme quality and you will be happy. On my advice, stay clear of door swings. Unless you are crazy fit, they just won't be enjoyable. Check out our sex swing guide

Our Recommendations for the Best Couples Sex Swing

#4 BDSM and Bondage: Sex Toys and Power Play

light bondage can be a fun experience for all couples

BDSM can be a bit scary for newbies. It is ok. I shed many tears in the beginning, just being honest! I had to really learn the physiology of bondage and BDSM and find what tools work for me. These types of play are very control and submission. But this play requires great trust and that can lead to deep levels of sexual pleasure for both people. Do you like a little spank? How about a paddle? This gives him some control, you some submission and both are finding pleasure. Or how about a gag ball. Keep him quiet as you have your way with his dick and prostate. Cuffs are always a winner. I would suggest investing in nice cuffs. There are very uncomfortable and cheap ones on the market. They don't have to be leather, but leather will give you a comfortable feel and last much longer. I know locally by me there is a dungeon that offers classes in rope play. While ropes do have a sexual element, many times this play doesn't lead to an orgasm but is a more heightened sexual experience.

Where to start in BDS and Bondage for Couples

#5 Strap Ons: Pegging and Role Reversal

couples role reversal - strap on pegging

Have you ever heard of pegging? This is the act of a woman using a strap on on a man. This is typically a heterosexual couple and the man enjoys anal play. Many couples may question this and sometimes men don't want to admit they would enjoy occasional anal play, but it is FAR more common than you would think. It is also one of the most satisfying types of role reversals. Women do wonder what is it like to be a man, to be able to thrust into someone. Men often feel the same and have the same questions, what is it like to be thrust into. If this is new to you no worries. You don't need to start off with an 8″ dong strap on. Start small, not overly girthy, lots of lube, some finger play, and gentle penetration. Respect the man being pegged and take your time. Enjoy this process! It could be your newest go to couples play!

Roll Reversal Ideas for Couples

#6 Sex Dolls and Living Out Fantasies

top view real sex doll tiffany

I am sure when I say sex toys for couples, a sex doll is not the first thing to pop into your head. But based on studies of people's fantasies, the odds are that both you and your partner have fantasized about it at some point in your life. Sure the reality of adding another person to the mix and jealousy and commitments and such kind of kill the idea and that is why only a small number of people have ever considered actually having a threesome.

A sex doll, however, can help you turn your fantasies into reality. Want to try double penetration but worried your husband will be jealous? Try a real doll. Want to fill your husband's fantasy threesome but afraid to see him banging another woman? Try a real doll. Fascinated by trannies? There is a real doll for that. Interracial? Real Doll has you covered! Whatever your fantasy, there is a real doll that can make it happen all within your relationship.

If you think this could be the toy for you, check out our full guide on sex dolls

#7 Penis and Vagina Molds

#8 Suction Cup Dildos

Seeing this on a list of toys for couples is bound to surprise a lot of people, but this is one of my favorite and one of the cheapest and easiest of couples sex toys to start playing with.

There are two areas that a toy with a suction cup can make incredibly hot bedroom escapades. The first is for the penetration show. It is hard to get a good clear view of penetration for most women and many men. But using a suction cup toy can a mirror can provide a very hot viewing experience for both the man and the woman.

The suction cup toy also provides an opportunity to explore double penetration and other threesome fantasies without spending the money on a silicone doll or actually bringing another man into your relationship.

I have created an extensive guide to suction cup toys with reviews and how couples can get the most out of them.