Best Sex Toys for Christmas 2019

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I love Christmas gifts. There are the gifts you give each other when you are exchanging gifts around family or kids, and then there is the good stuff. The stuff that you share with your significant other and nobody else. These are the magic special gifts. To help you out, I have compiled the list of the best gifts ideas for this Christmas season!

Here is the breakdown.

3 Couple's Sex toys for Christmas

A quality gift is one that you put a lot of thought into that makes someone else happy. But we are humans. We are sexual beings, so there is no reason that the gift you give this Christmas can't be something that gets both of you off!

A Sex Swing: New Positions

using the blue wild side

Right out of the gate, I am going to suggest a sex swing. This is probably not on most people's list of gift ideas, but it is a surprisingly popular gift. In fact, sales of sex swings triple between the middle of November and do not slow down until after Valentine's Day.

A sex swing is more than just a little kinky. It is a break to routine. A good swing allows you to get out of the bed and explore positions you have never done before. And since they say the worst thing for your sex life and your relationships is monotony, this break can add a lot of heat!

Because of this, the majority of swing buyers are over the age of 40 and many of them are empty nesters. If you think a swing might be in your future, read our complete sex swing guide or check out our #1 seller last Christmas.

Airbnb Getaway

I am a big fan of Airbnb. I travel a lot with my family and for work and have probably spent at least 3 years worth of time in Airbnbs. But for this, I am not suggesting a family vacation. I am suggesting an erotic getaway!

For a price not much more than a hotel room you can have an entire house to yourself often nicer than the house you live in, or at least something in your fantasy style. If you find the right Airbnb, there are just so many rooms and surfaces to explore! Sex on the counter, sex on the sofa, all the dirty kinky things and you won't feel weird on Monday when you are making your kids' PB&J where you just had mind-blowing kinky sex 24 hours earlier.

There are a lot of places that you can go, but I would recommend Medellin, Colombia. You can get there from most places in the USA for a $500 plane ticket round trip, often much cheaper. If you can get there around Christmas, they love their lights and the temperature is perfect. Staying in the El Poblado area which is very tourist-friendly and safe, you can get a luxury home for $150 a night and sometimes much less.

WeVibe – Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Jive Blue

Here is a more traditional sex toy idea for your Christmas Gift. The WeVibe Jive is an extremely popular couple's vibrator. This toy wraps around the front of your pelvis giving clitoral stimulation as well as internal stimulation. On top of that, it can be “worn” while your partner penetrates you. This will give him vibration as well.

For full disclosure, I love this toy and my husband humors me. I love vibration and if I can get vibration at the same time as penetration, that is the fastest way to climax. My husband knows this and that is the reason he likes this toy. As for personal enjoyment, he does not like vibration all that much. He says it dulls his sensitivity so he can not feel me as well.

So on this one, couples know each other. This is incredible if both people like vibration. If only one person does, it can still be an experience like no other, but it will require some give and take.

5 Sex toys to give him for Christmas

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a sex toy store that 90% of the store is taken up by toys for women? It seems that the toy companies think all a man needs is a warm tight place to stick it. If a woman is not available the options are their hand or a pocket pussy. So we are going to get creative here. We are going to focus on gift ideas for a man's mind and fantasies!

Suction Cup Dildo: Show Time!

suction cup dildo mirror show

Now if you are a woman looking to buy a sex toy for your husband, the last thing on your mind is probably a dildo. Yeah, but this is not about physical stimulation, this is about the show. There are a lot of things that men find sexy and one of them can be seeing their wife taking a large toy/penis/etc. You know your partner and if they are someone that gets jealous of toys, this is probably not for him. But if he is not a jealous type, this could make an incredible gift.

Purchase a suction cup dildo and a mirror. I picked up a mirror for only a couple of bucks at Home Depot and went with my favorite affordable suction cup dildo the Realcocks Sliders. These dildos have a suction cup and a moveable outer skin that gives it a very realistic feel.

I like to place the mirror on a sex bench or something else I can straddle. Then I stick the dildo down and lower myself onto it. The elevated bench makes squatting easier and gives a better angle for your partner to enjoy the show. Have your partner sit on the floor in front or behind you so he can see an up-close shot of you squatting and taking it all like a pro! It's not always about the sex, sometimes it is the visuals.

Squatting Attachments: Porn Star Fantasy

The only thing better than squatting and giving a show is squatting and taking your man. Squatting sex is a popular fantasy of men. A lot of this is promoted by porn videos. The visuals are good when the woman is on her feet rather than her knees it is easier to see the action and with less skin contact it can make the range of motion feel longer. But for a woman, this can be worse than the most tiring workout. Burning thighs after 10 seconds are not sexy.

Thankfully there are a few ways you can bring this porn star fantasy to life and enjoy the experience. The first option is a sex stool which helps to support your weight as you ride cowgirl. My favorite option is to use squatting attachments with your sex swing.

Squatting attachments do not work with all sex swings, but if you bought the Screamer listed above for Christmas, you are in luck. The squatting attachment allows you to squat like a pornstar and save your legs. The reason I choose this over the stool is that there is less between me and my partner when using the squatters and I can use handles above my head.

Milking Machine

For the last couple of years, sex machines have been all the rage for women. A machine that moves back and forth ramming her with a dildo, but this Christmas it is sex machines for men. The milking machine is like an ordinary pocket pussy on steroids.

These devices have programs designed to stimulate men with a milking or stroking action.

Silicone Doll: Fantasy Threesome

breast and stomach Tiffany real doll

I put this one under Christmas ideas for your man, but this one really could have gone either way depending on your relationship. The magic here comes from realizing that one of the most common fantasies in the world is to have a threesome. This is not a man only fantasy, but nearly equal among men and women. Within these fantasies, men most often fantasize about a threesome with 2 women, but women fantasize about equally of having 2 men and 2 women. So the threesome fantasy dynamics that work for you are different for each relationship.

The reality is however that nearly 3 times as many people fantasize about threesomes as actually have them. The big reason for this is relationships and jealousy. Many people do not want to bring anyone in or share their partner, even if it meant fulfilling one of their deepest fantasies.

But a sex doll can help with that. There has been a lot of advancement in sex dolls in the last decade and these are no longer the laughed at blow-up dolls of 1980s comedy. These dolls are incredibly realistic.

They are available in male and female so you can find something that works for you. Obviously like most things, price and quality work against each other. You can get a great doll for around $8,000 or you can get an OK doll for around $2,000. Normally, I love the quality, but this is a pretty big investment so in this case you may be better off opting for something lower-priced to make sure it is something you will even enjoy.


Nobody can dispute the popularity of the Fleshlight. It is the most popular male masturbator by far for the last decade. But I recently read the book “Tell Me What You Want” which discusses the world's largest survey of sexual fantasies and according to the survey, most people don't fantasize about other people. Only a small percentage of people fantasize about celebrities and porn stars. Most people fantasize about their current romantic partners.

So this Christmas, don't settle for a Fleshlight, go for the Clone-a-pussy. With this kit, you can create a male masturbator that is an exact clone of your own vagina. So not only will he have a personal gift, you will both have a blast making it!

5 Gift ideas for her

There are a lot of options when it comes to toys for women. But this is Christmas. She needs a special gift. So we are going to focus on sex toys that can provide a sexual experience as she has never had before!

Womanizer: The last toy she will ever need

Womanizer liberty

I have to admit that I am a sex toy junky, but when it comes to the Womanizer, I was a little late to the party. I missed this because I was busy and traveling and well, it just sounded different, plus I love vibrators and have always used vibrators. A good vibrator can bring me to orgasm in like 12 seconds, so why would I ever need something that was not a vibrator, especially some weird air pressure tool.

Once I finally got one and used it for about a minute, my world was changed. If I am using toys for pleasure (outside of reviews and testing) I only use my Womanizer. So much so, that the other night I was using it when the battery died. I reached for my old trusty vibrator, the Swan, but after only a few seconds of it, it was such a let down that I just rolled over and went to sleep.

So if you want to get your woman a great, safe gift this Christmas, go with the Womanizers. If she is anything like me she will want to have more sexual encounters each week just to use this toy, so it is a win for the men as well.

Crave: The Little Secret

secret sex toys from crave

A few months back, my husband actually purchased the Crave Vibrator for me as a gift. At first, I thought it was just a neckless, but then I realized it was so much more awesome than that. The Crave is a surprisingly intense vibrator that comes on a chain and looks just like a neckless.

Now I would not use this as my normal go-to vibrators, I would want something a lot bigger and more powerful than this, but for a travel toy, this is it. As an added bonus, I can wear this in public, around family or in the grocery store and nobody would know the difference. It is like an inside secret that only my husband and I know. Wearing it to a dinner party is like 3 hours of foreplay. I can break it out on the ride home in the car and then be fully primed by the time we get home.

Massage Oils: Ulterior Motives?

I will be honest, when my husband gives me a massage, I know it is because he wants sex. I am OK with that. Relationships are about making each other happy and any time you can get win-win situations you are doing it right.

I like to think that most women are this way and I know most women would love to get more massages. So purchase some massage oils and give them to her as a gift. Then once a week offer her a massage. When we do this, we usually do it on the sex bench. It is easier for the man to position himself to give a massage than laying in bed, plus if things progress, the sex bench offers some great additional sex positions that are not that easy in bed. Plus getting out of bed is a great break in the routine for many people.

Queening Chair: Oral Pleasure

I am fairly certain I will be the only one recommending a queening chair as a sexy Christmas gift any time this century but hear me out.

The queening chair has historically been used for female domination and facesitting. If this is your type of thing, get the chair, no more explanation is needed. But if your woman is not a dominate, let me take a minute to sell you on the idea.

It's all about oral sex. If the woman in your life does not like to receive oral, this is not the gift for you, but if she does, this may be the best idea ever. A queening chair is basically a low chair/stool that has a large area cut out of the center. This allows a woman to sit on the chair and have her partner lay on the floor under her face up and have full access to oral pleasing.

There are a couple of advantages to oral sex with a chair compared to other positions. For example, when a woman is laying on her back in bed and a man is between her legs, he has to lift his head up to reach her vagina. This can be difficult on the neck, plus with his arms, under his body, the ability for finger stimulation is very limited. With a queening chair, the woman's weight is supported a couple of inches above his face as he lays on his back in a natural position and his hands are free to explore and stimulate.

The other unique feature of a queening chair is that by supporting the woman's weight with the center of the chair open provides a nice spreading effect where a woman can settle in exposing more and deeper regions of her vagina for oral exploration. Read more on queening chairs.

Penis Sleeve: She craves girth

I recently posted a question to a couple of active adult groups online. Would you rather a long thin penis or a short girthy penis. The results were 100% of women opting for girth. I found this odd since most men and women only talk about penis size in terms of length. Sex toy manufacturers also focus on length, but when it comes to pleasing a woman, girth is where it is at.

So this Christmas, give her girth.

A penis sleeve slides over the shaft of your penis and adds circumference that your woman will love. There are many types available but most of them will cover your entire penis. This will add length and girth as well as leaving you completely covered. This will almost eliminate your sensitivity and the added length is not what women really want. 85% of women are satisfied with the length of their current partner.

So look for a sleeve that wraps around your penis only and leave the head exposed. This will make sure you are not adding length and while she will feel the extra girth of your shaft, you will still maintain sensitivity on the head.

While this is not a perfect solution, the goal of a Christmas gift is to please her and this will certainly do the trick. Who knows, watching her squirm and thrash under you as she takes your girth may be enough to make it worth the sacrifices.

Wrapping It Up

Woman with gifts

If this post has taught you anything, hopefully, it was to think outside the box. This Christmas don't settle for the normal routine dildo and such that you guys have played with for years. Explore new ideas, try completely new things. Focus your attention on what your partner's fantasies and desires are and not just on making them cum as fast as possible.

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