Bed Restraints

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Bed restraints are like the gateway drug to bondage. Someone decides to get a little frisky and wants to see how kinky they can be, so they tie their partner to the bed. They don't want to get too crazy and leave their bed… so bed restraints it is and here starts the excitement and entrance into bondage.

But before you run out and buy your first set of bed restraints, there are a couple of very important questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you need bed restraints with cuffs?
  • Do you want restraints to attach to your mattress or your bedposts?

Bed restraints with cuffs? Or no?

There is a common problem in bondage restraints. The cheapest stuff comes with even cheaper cuffs. What this means that even if you already have quality cuffs that you like when you buy a cheap restraint system you get some real shitty cuffs with them. Something made out of like a cheap neoprene and velcro and trust us, this is now how to get anyone excited over retrains.

So, for example, you could be looking at 2 items that both cost $40. One is a cheaply made restraint system that includes the cheap cuffs. The other could be a more quality system with better straps and more quality but does not include the cuffs.

If you have your own cuffs that you like and are going to spend $40, why would you want to buy more cuffs that you are just going to throw in the garbage?

There is a place for cheap stuff. Not everyone wants to be into bondage and spend $50 or $100 on a set of leather cuffs. Some people just want to dip their toe in the water or just have a little fun for one night.

If you are not going to really explore bondage or are just goofing about, then go for the cheap bed restraints that include cuffs.

If you are really into bondage, buy a system that does not sell you cuffs and spend your money on buying a quality set of handcuffs.

Mattress or Bedpost ties?

For most people, this is a no brainer. Most beds these days do not have 4 bedposts. So if you do, get a system that ties to the bedposts. They will be more secure. A lot of the systems that tie to the bed can walk or move under the mattress making the straps come loose when people are struggling against them.

Most people do not have bedposts so they will need to buy the mattress tie systems.

Best 5 Bed Restraint Systems

Tied Tight Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Edge Extreme Bed Restraints

Wild Side Bed Restraints

Fetish Fantasy Restraints

Masters Over/Under Bed Restraints

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